Samoa Beat


The National University of Samoa Student Association sport master has high expectations for the sevens tournament now in the pipeline for N.U.S.

Mr. Kolose Soga says that the sevens should be a big step-up from the 15 tournament.

"It is exciting to have sevens join the competitions list because it has incredible potential to be more popular than the 15s competition," he said.

The plan is to run the tournament for 2 to 3 weeks with games ebing played on Thursdays and Fridays.

The two days are planned to be split between men and women competition.

The sevens though has yet to be finalised with the few weeks remaining in the semester.

This leaves N.U.S.S.A to take a hard look at other resounding issues.

They have completed their rugby 15s tournament which ended in a scuffle between teams that competed in the finals.

Mr. Soga is looking at ways to resolve disagreements between players and to enforce the rules and regulations.

His only advice for the players is to keep the peace and play by the rules.