Samoa Beat


The N.U.S.S.A netball competition has come down to only two teams left.

It will be a showdown of two of the strongest teams in the tournament, both consistently beating their opponents by decisive scores.

The Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship and the Faculty of Technical  Education will face off for this years NUSSA Netball Tournament championship.

The  Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship ( F.O.B.E) defeated the Faculty of Arts by 23 to 9.

F.O.B.E captain Faaiva Tolupeni was excited to have a chance to reach the finals this year.

"Were very happy to have made it this far, and now we have to prepare for the tough one," he said.

F.O.B.E will be without some of their star players from last year's competition. Three of which were international representatives for Samoa Netball.

F.O.T.E though, is the not-so-gentle giant of the tournament, posting up big numbers throughout the round robin.

It is this dominance that led to the Faculty of Science forfeiting their match despite having one more quarter to go.

It was something out of a boxing match when the F.O.S captain moved to throw the last quarter of the blowout.

The match ended with the score 29 to 9, in the third.

F.O.T.E are the high favorites to win it all in a weeks time.

However, FOTE captain Talalelei Vaipouli disagrees with the notion that her team was indeed too good, saying that other teams could in fact play at the level F.O.T.E was performing at.

The faculty of business and faculty of engineering  will face off in the finals after the mid semester break.