Samoa Beat


The National University of Samoa Student Association have a strong desire to develop the sport of netball within the University through interfaculty tournaments.


This follows the recent selection of three of N.U.S students for a national team representation for Samoa Netball.



(Champiosnhip bound: The Faculty of Technical and Engineering posing for a photo following a win in their semi-finals match against the Faculty of Science)

“This tournament is important after having some of our girls from the Faculty of Business`s team were selected to represent Samoa`s Q.L.D netball team says,” NUSSA`s president Alofagia Mose.


Netball is only one of the few sports organised by N.U.S.S.A that include women. Part of the push for inclusion of women in sports and events held at N.U.S.



(Champiosnhip bound: The Faculty Business and Entrepreneurship celebrate a good team win, beating the Faculty of Arts and heading to the finals against the tough F.O.T.E)

She says players within the N.U.S tournament have improved and becoming skilful and having a high knowledge of the rules as netball players.


They are now waiting for the South Pacific Games (S.P.G) to be held in Samoa if there will be NUS students in the team.