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The National University of Samoa has made a donation to the Ele Opeloge fund through the Samoa Observer in honour late awarded silver medal from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


Opeloge met the NUS Deputy Vice Chancellor, Peseta Desmond Lee Hang, alongside her Coach Tuaupepe Jerry Wallwork where the funds were exchanged and thanks were given.


The NUS Deputy Vice Chancellor says  Opeloge was once an NUS student and has become a joy to the university and that’s why they have donated their assistance to appreciate the fact that she won the 2008 Olympic Silver Medal for Weight lighting.


Ele thanked NUS for their gift.


If it wasn't for my country and all the people that support me, I wouldn't have made it to that position and have won that medal,” she said.


The Olympian placed 4th at the 2008 Olympics 75kg + Weightlifting category until it was discovered that the weightlifters at 2nd and 3rd place were using performance enhancing drugs. Ele is now being honored for placing second during the 2008 Olympics.


The Funding is operated by the Samoa Observer to honor her, as the Government policy does not award monetary rewards to any medals below a gold medal.


*Chloe and Vaise are Media and Journalism Students of the National University of Samoa.

By: Francis Vaigalepa*

The Blues and Reds match to take place in Samoa in June this year is hoped to be the trigger for something bigger for the local rugby enthusiasts. This is from two of the biggest names in rugby currently in Samoa.

Jerome Kaino and Steven Luatua are promoting the game in June 2 at Apia park stadium.

The two blues and All Blacks cappers are trying to build interest and excitement for the super rugby game between Reds and Blues. And the Major sponsor for this game is Blue-sky and Eveni after their new partnership.

“It important not only that we give something back to Samoa but to show that Samoa can hold super rugby games and international fixtures game as well,” said Jerome Kaino.

“It’s a step in the right direction hopefully that we are going to see a lot more in the future,” he added.

Jerome Kaino and Steven Lutua are hoping this game can inspire our young rugby players in Samoa to strive higher to earn a spot to play for super rugby teams. They believe, the talent is in Samoa along with the resources, its only motivation and commitment that’s lacking.

The pair is excited and looking forward to the game and are saying they just cant wait to kick off in Apia Park come June.

The Blues especially because they say most of the players in the Blues team are Samoan which is why they are asking for support from Samoa to come down on game day and watch.

*Francis Vaigalepa is a Final Year Media and Journalism Student currently studying at the National University of Samoa.