Samoa Beat


A number of students of the National University of Samoa have raised concern over printing management at the N.U.S.S.A headquarters and the misinformation regarding cash prizes for sports tournaments held.

Fa’aiuaso Apatasi and Likisone Pailegutu voiced their concerns regarding the N.U.S.S.A management of the printing office located at the mountainside part of the campus.

Fa’auiaso Apatasi of the Faculty of Arts was direct in his comments on the printing, saying it hasn’t been working for a while.

“We’ve been visiting the N.U.S.S.A for free printing and it was a disappointment. They either tell us the printer needed to be fixed or they just closed the office without any noticed,” Apatasi said.

Mr. Apatasi blamed the association for being irresponsible.

SamoaBeat understands that the printing office run by the N.U.S.S.A was established to cater to the printing needs of students.

Iupeli Ieremia the association secretary responded to the concerns raised through SamoaBeat.

“Yes, the printing has been closed at times because of significant reasons. We also have classes and there is no one you look after the office while were there, so it was a must to have it temporarily closed until someone was free to man the office,” Ieremia said.

For the N.U.S.S.A sporting body, several sports have been left out of the calendar for many unexplained reasons.

A serious discussion was made throughout the years regarding a sevens tournament along with the soccer tournament to be held during the second semester.

However, neither has occurred.

Likisone Pailegutu is in his third year Bachelor lashed out over a prize giving misunderstanding following the volleyball tournament.

“Before the volleyball tournament started, we were told that thewinner will receive $800 worth of cash, and after the game they only received $600. We want to know whatever happened to the other $200 as promised,” he said.

Iupeli Ieremia says the complaint made was in fact true.

“It is true $800 tala was the original prize for the winner. Unfortunately due to an arrangement with the Finance the prizes were dropped down as the association was told that there were not enough budgets for the year,” he said.

The National University of Samoa Student Association is an organization run by students, for students and of students with the goal to ensure that students are represented, catered for within the university grounds and organizes student activities.

Majority of the funding for N.U.S.S.A come from a registration fee paid in the beginning of the year during enrolment.