Samoa Beat


Handicrafts and art pieces were being displayed at the Pacific Week of Agriculture (P.W.A) show produced by the Lototaumafai society for people with disabilities.

It's a step up for the P.W.A show to a more inclusive theme having these talented members of the Samoan community take part.

"The students are the ones doing this work with the help of the teachers" says Iunaite Mapesone, a teacher at Lototaumafai.
The purpose of their participation is to show everyone that despite the difficulties that students have, they can still manage to do and create things.
The goal resonated well with some of the messages explored during the P.W.A.
Lototaumafai has long established this program for students to learn and to be able to make their imaginations come to life.
Being a part of the show has encouraged the students and has bossted the morale of those within the society.
"Not only fully able people can do things, but people with disabilities can also do just the same, so we must never look down on them" added Iunaite Mapesone.
The P.W.A commenced on Friday October 4, with a ministerial meeting and the closing of the P.W.A show.