Samoa Beat


It has been a year since the School of Maritime Training had been involved in big events for the National University of Samoa.

And in their first gig joining in on N.U.S. culture day celebration, the School of Maritime rocked the stage during their breathtaking performances.

This is the first time in this year that the S.O.M.T. has participated in an activity of the National University of Samoa.

“The discipline of the students is one of the biggest reasons why the Maritime hasn’t been participating in the previous events and activities. But we are hoping for a change”, says Carl Joseph Lam.

Carl Joseph Lam is the President of the School of Maritime.

In their first major activity for 2019, the Maritime students came out firing with an array of performance. Including an elaborately put together skit and a costume preparation that showed even sailors and maritime officers can dance.

Mr. Lam couldn’t find the words to express his excitement to have the School of Maritime Training back in the crowd with the entirety of the University students.

The Maritime isn’t allowed to join any physical activities because they were banned from games in the previous year.

“Being able to perform today and see them happy and excited is one thing for me. They have change so much as you can see, we are all bald”, says Mr Lam..

There are some activities coming up, but Mr Lam isn’t sure if the School of Maritime will be participating.

“For soccer if there is one, I am confident we won’t be here to join. However, if a debate will be done then we will sure will,” added Joseph Lam.

Physical activities such as sports it’s a big no for the SOM. They will only participate in academic events.

The S.O.M.T.’s president is proud of his group’s performance. To him, this is what its all about.