Samoa Beat


The National University of Samoa culture day was held at the N.U.S Gymnasium at Lepapaigalagala.

The special day was to remind the students how important the Samoan culture is and as a reminder of their true identity as a Samoan.

A learner of the School of Medicine expressed his excitement towards the celebration.

“I am so happy because today tells me who I am and where I’m from I love my culture and I’m proud of it,” Sopo Tusani says.

“A lot has been a bad influence to our culture for example the technology. So that is why we all treasure this special day,” he added.

Tusani blames technology for the many youth not being able to get in touch with their cultural inheritance.

All faculties performed the cultural performces: sasa, faataupati, mauluulu and even short Samoan historical skits.

It was an obvious enjoyment for the audience to have been a part of the celebration as waves pour in to give and join in on the dances.

Another learner from the School of Maritime says it’s a different feeling of belonging as she performed.

“I respect my culture because it’s who I am,” Moala Bob Sooalo said.

And what better way to express your love for culture than in front of your own parents.

“After our item I felt alive, maybe because it’s in my blood, and I saw the smile on my parents face,” she said.

“I’m praying this will happen every year because of all the University`s activities this is best activity ever and we should make our ancestors proud,’” she added.