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The fourth instalment of the Samoa Conference proceedings has been launched highlighting six key goals adopted by the National University of Samoa and other researchers in collaboration.

The proceedings have been launched along with a special Art Catalogue that was assembled specifically for the Samoa Conference IV (SCIV) at the University’s campus.

The theme of the 4th Samoa Conference and its Proceedings is ‘Our Heritage, Our Future: Fostering Sustainable Development through Leadership, Innovation and Collaboration’.

The goal for the conference is a step up from the last Samoa Conference held four years ago with topics up for talks like heritage, climate change, literacy, health and more.

The objectives to pushed in discussions within SCIV are as follows:

  • provide a platform to share scholarship
  • create a network of researchers with a multidisciplinary focus concerned with the acquisition of new knowledge on aspects of Samoan society.
  • encourage emerging researchers to create partnerships with established researchers to design new projects and monitoring programs in their own respective fields.
  • encourage our community to address the current challenges that have shaped the direction of Samoa’s development as a nation. Issues may include the preservation of indigenous cultural heritage, power relations, gender and inclusion, human rights and vulnerability to climate change.
  • reflect on Samoa’s journey as a society since the inaugural Samoa conference and track the nature of such growth.
  • evaluate leadership and creative strategies and Samoa’s locus to give innovative and sustainable solutions to current challenges that improve Samoan society’s resilience in a global community in the 21st

The objectives for 4th Samoa Conference this year reflects on the outcomes of SIDS 2014. NUS continues its commitment to encourage collaboration with emerging and seasoned researchers to engage in new and ongoing discussions on aspects of Samoan society and provide vital evidence that inform policy that empower ordinary lives. The conference objectives are manifold but are encompassed in the following:

The creation of ‘The Samoa Conference’ demonstrated a high degree of effectiveness in the University’s commitment to engage with the community.

The Samoa conference is a multidisciplinary forum that occurs every four years with the most recent one being held last year, September 2018.

The Conference has been an international platform for academics, professional researchers and practitioners with Samoan interests, local and international development partners, to share their research findings with politicians and policy makers together with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and village communities.

The growing numbers of researchers’ interest to present at the Samoa Conference shows a growing awareness that all the various stakeholders’ are responsible in fostering sustainable development for a more resilient Samoa in the future.

Alongside the launching of the proceedings, a special art catalogue catered specifically to SCIV was also launched.

The Art Catalogue titled Tama o le Eleele contains artworks and photographs of other events displayed at the Samoa Conference Juried Art Exhibition.

The Tama o le Eleele Exhibition featured the works of 30 local artists, ranging from the artworks of students of the Leulumoega School of Fine Art and the National University of Samoa to local gallery owners such as the Manamea Art Gallery and the Vanya Taulealo Gallery.

The catalogue also feature photographs of performances by the S.P.A.C.E dance studio, the National Orchestra of Samoa as well as the Alfred James Tattersall Photographic Collection hosted at the National University of Samoa Library.