Samoa Beat


The two Universities in Samoa will face off in a series of sports competitions in the second semester.


This was confirmed following a meeting between the U.S.P. Student Association board and the N.U.S.S.A board earlier in the week.


During the meeting, a two day fun day event have been set for the second semester of the 2019 educational year.


One will be hosted at the N.U.S campus and one at U.S.P Alafua campus.


Four sports have been confirmed for these days, including soccer, tag rugby, Ping Pong and Volleyball.


The two games NUS will be hosting is touch rugby and soccer while U.S.P will host Ping Pong and Volleyball.


They’ve also looked at ways to raise the standard of uni games but that would come after. USP is happy about the idea of having a two-day event. It will have an impact on students from both universities.


For a while, U.S.P and N.U.S have not had an inter university sports event. In fact, the last official meet between the two Universities was in 2017.


The goal is to pitch together students from the two universities to participate in events like these.


This is with the hope that the games will build a better bond between Regional university students and the locals.


The date for this two-day event is yet to be confirm. The two boards say that the main challenge with ensuring a date is because of the two different schedules.


The NUSSA board will meet again with the USPSA to designate a date for the event.