Samoa Beat


Six students from Michigan University in America had the chance to share their thoughts and experience as Business students at the National University of Samoa.

The special seminar has inspired one N.U.S student to aim high.

Amongst the attendees is the Manager for Student Support Service Mr. Lipine Peresetene and the President for the National University of Samoa Student Association (NUSSA).

One particular student was inspired by the seminar that he has made it a personal goal to work in the finance industry.

“This program has helped me in terms of what I want to become in the future, and for me personally, I want to work in the finance industry within the government”, says Junior Koki Mate.

Junior Koki Mate is a second year Bachelor student under the F.O.B.E. majoring in Accounting and minoring in Economics.

He is also the acting president for F.O.B.E.

“This program has open our minds on some options which I thought didn’t exist”, says Koki Mate.

The leader for the University of Michigan – Ross School of Business, Mr. Eric Messinger says that the purpose of their meeting with the N.U.S student is to gather information on youth career aspirations.

Messinger is the group leader. He is pursuing his Master in Business Administration.

“Our goal is to inform them that they are generating on youth employment in Partnership with the United Nations,” he said.

The Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship has been proactively pushing for more exposure of their students to international talents and personalities such as these. Including the recent special visit from the University Of Otago Business School in the previous week.