Samoa Beat


The Business School of Otago University have gifted new text books to the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship of the National University of Samoa.


The Dean of Otago Business school Robin Gauld, spoke on behalf of Otago University handing over the new textbooks, in the presence of the N.U.S Vice Chancellor Fui Ilaoa Asofou Soo.


Vice Chancellor Fui Leapai Asofou Soo, acknowledge the Dean and Otago Business School for the text books. He says this will help the students of the F.O.B.E with their studies.


“It is crucial that we are able to receive these gifts from our partners overseas, because these are not only important to our students, but also to our staff members,” he said.


While the donations clearly benefit N.U.S, the Dean says Otago takes pride in what they are able to achieve from a partnership with N.U.S.


Gauld says that Otago benefits from the capacity of Samoan students who choose to study in Otago.


The partnership between Otago University and N.U.S stretches beyond just the F.O.B.E, but also in the Medicine Programme for N.U.S.