Samoa Beat


Young women have dominated the special awards for the National University of Samoa’s foundation graduating class of 2018.

There were 19 special awards for this year’s foundation graduation all recognising the accomplishments of each faculty and discipline’s top students.

Within the 19 categories, fourteen of which were taken by the young ladies of the University including top overall student, Emily Elizabeth Fruean.

Ms. Fruean took to the stage six out of the 19 times in topping majority of her courses taken during her foundation year.

Her triumph came timely with the special address given by the Chief Executive Officer of the Land Transport Authority, Galumalemana Ta’atialeoitiiti Tutuvanu-Schwalger who spoke about her challenges as a Samoan young lady growing up to become a leader.

“I faced challenges in my journey to be where I am now, but I had guides that helped me along the way,” she said.

Tutuvanu-Schwalger says the stresses of being a boss at work had sometimes been overwhelming for her, but she knew where to get the support she needed.

“We have a special mass everyday at noon at the Mulivai Catholic Cathedral. There I go every chance I get to ask God for guidance in my work,” she said.

“And I tell you the load has been lighter ever since, it still is. Nothing is impossible to God, if you put God first always,” she said.

She added that success comes from honest hard work. She says that she keeps grounded in honesty and hard work despite the elevated position she holds within her work place.

“I always remind my employees, that despite me being the C.E.O at work, I will still do the dirty work if it means getting the job done,” she said.

This year, the graduating foundation class for N.U.S totals to 522 students.

The T.V.E.T courses graduation will be held in the coming week.