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Helping local farmers market and sell products to overseas markets is the aim of a new mobile app, developed by Skyeye and introduced to participants of the Samoa Conference.

The Skyeye is a company that helps farmers to export and sell products to overseas markets

“This app is something that will save time for those who want to sell product and the buyers of those products" says Miss Anna Marie Saili, the Executive Officer of the company.

Her role is to help people learn how to use the app.

According to Saili the only problem is that the buyers never meet the farmers of the products as it is an online transaction, but the owners will get money from the buyers.

People who access with this app will is it for trading, and to increase their income from their products.

Skyeye's new app is now connecting with lots of markets around the world in the USA, New Zealand , Australia.

“All you do is just login or sign in the app and login to upload the sell sheet and those markets will access them" says Marie Saili

The purpose of this creation is to make it easier for farmers to get financial assistance and sell as well as market their products online" she said.

The company's presentation is among the many innovations displayed during the iv Samoa Conference, of the National University of Samoa, from the 4th to 6th of September 2018.