Samoa Beat


Dr. Salainaola Wilson from the Auckland University of Technology says cultural preservation takes practicing the normal Samoan things routinely, including the Samoan ‘lotu afiafi’.

She is here to share about the completion of her research on the maintenance and drill of Samoan language in overseas, specifically in New Zealand.

She was here four years ago to present her research at the beginning stages and is fortunate to be back today to extant where she is at with her study.

Dr. Wilson titled her thesis on the title “A malu I fale le gagana e malu foi I fafo” portraying how the Samoan language is maintained initially from within the Samoan families.

“We know that family is where we safeguard ourselves from and I believe the same goes for the language,” says Dr. Wilson.

One of the targets is the Kiwi-born Samoans who grew up to understand Samoan but the ability to speak the Samoan language.

Dr. Wilson has been working on a strategy of helping the Samoan families in New Zealand increase the maintenance of the Samoan language with the help of five chosen Samoan families.

This strategy comprises her involvement in their family events like evening services and so forth and speech recording that records their daily conversations.

She is still in the process with her strategy and hopes she can be able to help any Samoan families maintain our language.

“I believe that the health of the Samoan language and even any other language is mainly maintained from within our families,” says Dr. Wilson.

Samoa Conference continues at the National University of Samoa and will conclude on Thursday this week.