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The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) says the lack of appropriate primary health care in Samoa is the cause for the widespread of Non Communicable diseases.

W.H.O.’s main priority is lending a helping hand to the community in preventing and controlling Non Communicable Diseases (N.C.Ds).

“All foreign nationals are required to pay for health services in Samoa, and Samoan health care facilities and doctors normally expect cash payment before carrying out any treatment. This is why primary health care in Samoa needs improvement,” Dr. Rasul Baghirov said.

Non Communicable Diseases such as heart diseases, stroke, cancer and diabetes are rather common in Samoa as is in other countries.

Dr. Baghirov says 94% of the people are overweight and 74% are obese. Dr. Baghirov is the Head of W.H.O. in Samoa, American Samoa, Niue, Tokelau and Cook Island. We can prevent this Non Communicable Diseases by reducing the major risk factors for Non Communicable Diseases.

This is by reducing tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and the use of alcohol. Samoa is still on its way on improving their primary health care.

There are elements that Samoa needs to achieve in order for better primary health service. They need to organize health services around people’s needs and expectations and also integrate health into all sectors. The Health is also having community outreach to. Help the society.

They go from village to village and household to household. The organizations main priority is addressing Non Communicable Diseases through community engagement. Research conducted by the organization shows that 40% of Samoa has been identified as having risk factors.

The organization has also looked in ways to minimize this. And they’ve come up with strengthening early detection and management of NCD cases and risk factors.

They are required to enable community involvement and improve their health literacy.

The W.H.O. was established globally on the April 7, 1948 and was introduced in Samoa on the August 14, 1962.