Samoa Beat


Theology professor David Tombs of Otago University urges church leaders in the Pacific to champion the elimination of gender-based violence, sexual abuse and torture.


David Tombs outlined a research project that is undertaken by the New Zealand Institute for Pacific Research in the seminar at the National University of Samoa on Thursday the 15th of March 2018 at the Niuleá building.


Professor Tombs said the purpose of the project is to acknowledge and address the high rates of domestic violence in the Pacific.


The professor highlighted three key issues, which are church's silence on the issue of domestic violence, its failure to respond, and that domestic violence and gender based violence is not a concern of the church.


"The study revealed that more than 3000 girls and young women were raped in a year in countries of Liberia, Rwanda and it is a concern that churches in the Pacific should take seriously.

We urge religious leaders to champion the elimination of SGPV and to act with strong leadership in this regard," he said.


Professor Tombs also conducted a similar seminar for students of Piula Theological college.